Monday, July 31, 2006


do you want a glass of sun?
do you want a cup of moon?
it is difficult to discover the cleanest dream inside this world,but sometimes a miracle happens...or everything is a miracle...(?¿)
perhaps you watch a cinema screen and the cinema screen watches you.
and maybe you are not alone...just one image can be enough to fly away the misery.
once upon a time you were would like to find the youngest dreams again...but all of them are inside a lost box.why you left them alone in the dark...(?)
you must know all the dreams can sleep but they never die.

wake up your deams,if you are wise you will be new.
wise men are painted like old men,but it is false,God is eternally child.

the Incitatus project is still a cinema script.but it is the box where all your dreams are waiting to wake up...
the incitatus words speak about the fake of society,a theather world,the fake of material ideas,the fake of hopeless things we studied .

it is time for a new book,it is time for a new secret,it is time for a new cinema,
it is time for the true is time to end the time and hold the eternity.

Incitatus will open your eyes,and open the lost dreams make them true.